Norfolk Brides/ A Most Curious Party

 Good evening!
I sincerely apologise for my silence on my blog over the last few weeks. I have been planning and shooting so many things that I cannot publish just yet, I haven't found time to dedicate to giving my blog the personal touch it is screaming for!

 Fortunately, I now have some fresh photographs to share with you. Last month, I had the wonderful opportunity to try something very new to me, and different to my usual; a bridal-themed promo shoot. I have only dabbled shooting wedding photography on one or two occasions before now, so I was very keen to try something that would help me consider how my work would appear from a more commercial perspective, and where my photography may fit in the future.
 For you non-local folk, Norfolk Brides and A Most Curious Party have a wedding fair coming up in October together, so this shoot was all about showcasing two brides/grooms that represented both of them. There was the highly-polished modern/contemporary bride, and the natural,earth-loving boho bride.

This was the largest team I have worked with by far, and a lot of responsibility on my shoulders to do them all proud, which I hope I have acheived!

Below I have posted some of the unpublished images, and you can view more over here at the article by Dalia of Norfolk Brides, shoot credits and all!

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