Sophie rocks China Doll

The day after my shoot with Poppy, I went on another test shoot armed with a beautiful wardrobe from China Doll Boutique. I teamed up with the fantastic MUA Clare Barber, who I have worked with previously on a number of shoots. Today she was creating a dewy, bronzed look on a model she had sourced for us; Sophie Ellen Rudgley. Sophie's lovely hair colour complimented both the make-up and the clothing. We were very pleased!

Model; Sophie Ellen Rudgley
MUA: Clare Alexandra Barber
Wardrobe: China Doll Boutique




Right now, I am ready to go back to Uni and set the workload for my 3rd year. I am really hoping to frequent London over the next few months, expenses permitting, so am on the hunt for stylists, models and MUAs to test with, as well as agency-represented individuals. Please drop me an email if you are interested in creating magical stories and fashion looks with me! emilyjanephoto@hotmail.co.uk 

-Emily x


Poppy rocks China Doll

A few weeks ago I shot an editorial submission, which included some beautiful clothing from China Doll Boutique  (http://www.chinadollboutique.com/ which will be my next destination when I feel a shopping urge overcome me!).
Unfortunately, I could not photograph everything for the editorial, so the Boutique were lovely enough to let me keep a hold of the stock for another week to use for test shoots I had booked!

My first shoot was a quick afternoon with Poppy Keith, and we explored a fairly new discovery of mine in the form of a rooftop car park! Poppy was amazing, she rocked the studded bralet and vibrant apparel like there was no tomorrow! She twirled around like a ballerina on the rooftop as we went scampering around the car park.

I want to shoot on rooftops more often, the view is breath-taking, and it's like another world above the city (I think Dick Van Dyke said that in 'Mary Poppins'!).

Anyway here are some of the photos from that delightful test shoot;



- Emily