My New Toy

Good evening! A very quick post today from me, I just wanted to show you my new toy!
Yesterday I was in London, and after a bit of perusing found myself at the Photographers' Gallery.
After looking at some inspiring photographs from recent graduates across the country, I headed on down to the basement level to look at books and prints.
When I got down there, I went all gooey-eyed over the cabinets and shelves full of different analogue cameras; instaxes, polaroids, toy cameras from lomography... I was highly tempted to purchase a reduced Sprocket Rocket, but it's price was still beyond my budget. I squealed with joy over Hello Kitty themed instaxes that would be perfect for my fujifilm, and had to calm myself a little, then adored rolls of 35mm films with special filters/colour casts.
When I go shopping for analogue cameras, I am not like the buyer I usually am with digital SLRs. When I went browsing for a full-frame camera, I had to consider the quality of image the camera would give me, the way it handled, how easily I could control it, looking for a 'life partner' in photography to be my companion,haha!
With toy cameras and analogue cameras? I really don't give two hoots over supreme image quality. I follow my heart with what I would enjoy taking fun photographs with, outside of my commercial/fashion editorial endeavours. I look forward to playing with different types of film and seeing the results the camera gives me. If I love it, I take it on shoots with me.

So this little camera caught my eye from the other side of a panel of glass. It is a kitten face camera, 35mm. Without a doubt in my mind, I am sure the photo quality isn't going to be amazing, but my heart was captured. This camera has a cat face, and it will meow when I take a photograph! It comes sealed in it's own tin can, like cat food. Who can say no to this?! I am incredibly tempted to bring this camera on every shoot I do, just to have its quirky presence stowed away in my bag, ready to come out and play whenever the opportunity strikes!

I will be testing this camera over the next few weeks and will find some time to post a little review on how I get on with it. I know I could just google and find out how this camera performs, but packaged it it's can, it feels like a surprise for me to open!

-Emily x

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  1. You're so cute! Cant wait to see the results :) been wanting to get the cat cam since last year but i never got around to doing it :(