Photographing Oli

Back towards the end on March, I had a test shoot with Oli. You may have seen a couple of the images on my website, one of which has been invited to be submitted to Getty Images (yay!), but I never got around to showing you a couple more from the day.

I met Oli outside a garage, unfortunately due to my lift into the city being post-poned because my ride put the wrong fuel in the car at the filling station during the pandemonium of that potential petrol strike. So Oli came and rescued me and we made our way to an abandoned pumping station just outside of the city. I had been there once before for a test shoot, but never properly explored it. It has so many gorgeous textures playing, and it's age makes it very appealing to photograph.
We photographed around there for about an hour, then decided that we wanted to do something a bit more summery, seeing as the weather was starting to become scorching!
We headed to one of the local parks and photographed caboodle more there, which is where I photographed Oli near some daffodils, which is my favourite shot from the day!
I have photographed Oli one more time since then, and I will be blogging about that in due course, too!

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