Poppy and Pearls & Swine

I had a lovely test shoot this last week with the wonderful Poppy Keith! We photographed around the gorgeous area of the Cathedral in Norwich, where the daffodils have popped up, and signs of spring have truly set in. Not so spring-like was the rain we had towards the end of the shoot, which led us to wrap it up quickly, but still very pleased with the photos we got! We went exploring in a herb garden, and admiring the quaint little houses owned by the Cathedral, with a dash of envy!
The wonderful designer Pearls & Swine loaned us these fantastic fascinators, which we had such a soft spot for (especially the crown!). Please do search for 'Pearls & Swine' on facebook, and look at all the creative, imaginative designs she produces! Your jaw will drop to the floor!


  1. Amazing photographs! <33


  2. I love the star in her hair!! And the crown! <3