February 2012- Vintage Wedding Fair

 I apologise for my lack of blogging; I recently had a hand-in at uni which consumed all my time in the run-up to hand in! I am now enjoying the latter half of my two week respite, so am taking the time to update you on a few of my ventures!

Last month, I was asked to document the Norwich Curious Vintage Wedding Fair (if you are a London birdie, it will be on again in London March 31st! Be There!). As a few people may know, I am a complete fan girl as it were, for all things around vintage fashion and accessories, and I felt it would be a fantastic opportunity to mingle, meet a bunch of wonderful people and snap away in the process!

I chose to document the event in both film and digital. I can't explain why, but when it comes to documenting people and places, which I don't do often do, I just feel like it really has to be on film. My favourite combination is my Canon 300 with Kodak Color Plus 200 35mm film. I just love the colours, the subtle grain, combined with the soft focus created by a wide-aperture lens. Naturally, being at a vintage fair, the old school way seemed very fitting!

Here are a few of the best shots from the day, including some digital shots of the fashion show!

(All Photographs Copyright Emily Jane Morgan, All Rights Reserved)


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