When I looked outside of my bedroom window yesterday morning, and saw a modest amount of snow had lain, half of me thought 'yayyy snow photos!' and the other half thought 'oh god, I can't get out of the village and photograph anywhere.'. I think snow is the one and only time I loathe living in a quiet little village out in the countryside. I would LOVE to shoot at some of the parks and gorgeous woodland in the snow, but it is the issue of accessibility when there is ice on very small,winding roads. Just because I don't care very much for the scenery in my village, which at this time of the year is usually mud upon mud, it didn't mean I was going to pass up the annual snow self-portrait shoot,haha!
I traipsed onto the common-land, and walked for about 30 minutes before I found some trees I could nestle by. I saw the most wonderful spot, but it is unfortunately in full view of somebody's kitchen window, so I wanted to make sure I was out of the way and not bothering anyone or making a spectacle of myself!
There is something very calming about snow. Although I hated that I could not get to the most wonderful location I could think of, I loved that it stopped traffic. Everything was so silent and peaceful, which is how I like to shoot my selfies. I am not sure if I like this location anymore, to photograph at, but it is just lovely to take a walk across, and look over the bridge and see the sheep all cuddled up together (aww!).

So these are the photos I took and processed. I apologise for looking to raggedy. I have an ear infection, and it's left me feeling groggy,haha! Taking photos did take my mind off of it, which made me happy!


  1. These are more than beautiful! Magical in a Way!! <3

  2. Wow, you look beautiful! I love these pictures!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  3. You look so pretty!!! And the colours are so amazing. I'll follow your blog :)