Of Fairytales

I had the joy of photographing an editorial for online magazine Glacier at the beginning of March, when spring was beginning to stir! I was very keen to photograph something that looked very spring-like and refreshing, after a dark, dull (but dry) winter in England!

So in between my last Uni project, I planned this editorial, and knew right away that I wanted to work with the lovely Georgina. I absolutely adore her hair, it is pretty phenomenal!
I also teamed up with Kee Boutique who sent me a lovely selection of pretty dresses, with lace and florals galore, and Pearls & Swine were wonderful enough to loan me a few hair pieces to play with, including a beautiful pink rose and a gorgeous crown,too! I spent a lot of my morning on the day of the shoot squealing with joy over the lovely things I had to photograph!

I sourced a local park to shoot at, which I had never been to before. It was very quiet and peaceful, although a little rainy, and we took cover under a balcony where Clare Barber worked her make-up magic and warmed Georgina's cheeks and lips with pastel colours that tied the look together completely!

It felt so refreshing to shoot again after being cooped up in the studio photographing still life shots for a client-based brief, and I am really pleased with the results!

Here are my favourite shots from the day:


  1. These photos are so beautiful!! x


  2. So pretty, Very stylish. perfect combination
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  3. Stunning pictures. I really like your photographs!