For my last brief at Uni ,before I enter into my nail-biting Final Year (very nervous, trying not to think about it!), I chose to undertake some studio work, and see if I could really bring my style of photography and ideas into such a clinical environment. As most of you may know, you will most often find me roaming around the countryside in fields and woods and the occasional beach with my photographs before now, so I had a bit of a challenge of conveying my identity through studio work, and I wondered how difficult it might be.

Before now, I have almost always approached studios with hesitation. Light set-ups baffle me, when I look at professional practitioners, and I think 'how on earth am I supposed to concoct light set-ups?'. Because of this, I shied away more often than not, and I realised it was about time to bite the bullet, and just go for it on my own outside of group work. The funny thing is, I went into the studio with no expectations of myself, and as a result I found myself really enjoying the experience of just playing with a simple 4-light set-up and just building upon it, until I was confident enough to convey my final shoot;

My final work is based around the themes of the archetype Eve from the Bible and Eden. I won't drown you in conceptual explanations of the shoot, as I hope that when you look at the images, it is pretty self-explanatory! My girls here are Poppy, Jordan and Jessica who were an absolute dream to work with! Tanya Skinner was at hand to do make-up on these girls who were wearing clothes provided by Kee Boutique (whose lace dresses I always swoon over when I pull them out of their bag to photograph!). I must thank my friend James Clancy, who assisted me during this final shoot, and was also near and handy during my light tests when I was just too short to reach the settings on the lights when extended to their full height! I think my brain would have exploded without that extra pair of hands!

Anyway, enough of my chatter, here are 3 of the final images! You can view the set of 6 finals at my website http://emilyjanemorgan.com and supporting images will appear here and there on my Flickr and Facebook pages over the coming weeks!

-Emily xo

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  1. Amazing work. you're so talented and very inspirational.