Update on my health

I have had some lovely well-wishers the last couple of weeks as well as those who have expressed their concern for me, which did actually bring a tear to my eye when I read their messages!
I have realised I have been a little vague and cryptic about my being under the weather, and just wanted to update you on what's been going on with me!

I have been suffering from a mixture of illness; when I get ill, I typicallyget everything at once! I think I did not fully recover from my flu and chest infection back in February, and I think the tiredness has caught up with me. Some of you may know that I suffer from M.E and have had it for 5 years now, and I am now mostly adapted to managing it. However, I have been suffering from mild anxiety for a while and over the last three months, I have had increasingly bad back pain (which I have had a history of) which has led to some incredibly annnoying symptoms such as dizziness and nausea. Essentially, I have been too tired and in too much pain to be able to shoot, or even get out of the house often in the last couple of weeks, and so I am taking my time to rest up. Please don't worry about me, as after just one session of physiotherapy today, I am already beginning to feel slightly better! As for the anxiety, that is mostly caused by my constant hunger to work and shoot and get better, and become a great photographer- that will pass in time,as I am a silly little thing!

I am really excited to plan shoots with new people and new faces. I am finally making  habit of sketching ideas and this is helping me get inspired and organised for when I am back out shooting! At least my body chose a time to need rest when the weather is a bit too dismal to shoot in! Fingers crossed for sunny weather and photo days!


  1. I'm soooo glad to hear you are getting better. Your work will always be amazing in my eyes, your my inspiration and what I look to become one day :)

  2. Oh you sound like you're having a hell of a time! I know that feeling of having a million illnesses at once, it seems to be the way. In 2009 I suffered from a really really bad bout of anxiety at the same time as having whooping cough as well as a cold! I found your blog through racing minds magazine and I have to say you're absolutely amazing! I'm following you now so I can't wait to see you updating with more photos. Get well soon!