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I recently had an editorial published in Racing Minds Magazine, and I am thrilled to show off my first ever front-cover publication!
 The editorial features the lovely Cyan Cheung wearing clothes provided by Red Rock Fashion, and local boutique Daisy and Lola.
 The editorial was shot wayyyy back in March, and I am so glad to finally show the photos to you guys! The shoot itself was quite a challenge, with the weather conditions and trying to find a new MUA at the last minute  (Cyan and myself ended up doing make-up ourselves, and I think we managed pretty well!) . It started to rain terribly in the afternoon, and we had to shoot under cover of the woods. It was pretty horrendous for what was meant to be lovely, spring-time weather! All of us pretty much shivering to the bone, and carrying an inflatable throne, we wrapped the shoot up from working pretty swiftly and efficiently and get ourselves dried off!

Thanks so much to everyone involved in this shoot, and thankyou to Racing Minds for publishing it within it's beautiful pages!

Below are a couple of photos that are not featured in the editorial:

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