Photos of Katie

Although I am struggling with a bad patch of health, that has left me unable to work and shoot for a while, I couldn't resist having a photo day with my Uni friend, Katie, and being in her company, relaxing,taking photos brightened my spirits and made me feel better than I have been! I showed her some locations that I have used on a number of occasions, and we discussed Uni and what our plans are for shoots! It was a nice break away from indoors, which I have kind of spent my most of my time the last fortnight, and fortunately, we had perfect weather conditions!

I have physiotherapy on Thursday and a doctor appointment next week. I hope I can get back on my feet pretty soon, as I have so many ideas planned!

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  1. Emily, Im so worried for you, are you doing alright? I definitely hope your health will be better very soon. These photos are amazing, though, she's a really good model!
    I like the fourth one, with the pretty expression she has;and I love that white dress, makes me smile for some reason. x