Scarlet Saint!

So last week, I hopped on a train to Stowmarket, the halfway point between myself and the wonderful Scarlet Saint, whom with which I was going to do a test shoot!
It was incredibly chilly, but fortunately, we had some beautiful sunshine, which meant I could try my hand at back-lighting a subject, in ambient lighting (and no rain, of course!).
It took us about an hour and a half exploring before we could find somewhere relatively suitable to photograph. We stumbled across a park with a little river, and took a tumble into the woods, where we did most of our shots! It was unbelievably muddy, and our suitcases were high-bound with dirt from us using them like walking sticks to get us up slippery slopes!
After taking our photos, we went exploring the town, which is inundated with charity shops (I am not complaining, they are the best places to source interesting props and clothes for shoots!), and warmed ourselves up with a hot chocolate.
So, here are the photos!
I hope to work with Scarlet Saint again soon, which I cannot wait for! I had so much fun!

P.S just realised I accidentally used my old watermark on this! I'm clearly living in the past,haha!

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