December Self-portraits 2011

At last! It has felt like forever since I last took a self-portrait. I don't think my Uni tutors really like my self-portraits, they consider it a 'comfort zone', when in actual fact, I find it wayyyy harder than shooting portraits of other people! So now that my brief has been handed in for this term, I intend to photograph as much personal/commercial projects as possible!

Anyway, these self-portraits showed me I am a little out of practise, but I got to play with my new lens! I am now the proud owner of a 85mm f/1.8, which was a 21st Birthday present. It works so beautifully and is just how my 50mm was on my last DSLR, which had a cropped sensor. I cannot wait to go on a shoot with it.

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  1. Your work is amazing, and you are so stunning! You have such a striking look
    Lucia xx