At the moment I am dying to travel. I am going to Holland in a matter of weeks and staying with a friend which will be a much needed break.
Before now, I have barely travelled because of my M.E and because I have had no reason to. However, I am controlling my illness much better, and there are people dotted all over the place who would like to work with me! It is really flattering.
I wish I could travel to America or even up north to the beautiful hilly landscapes of Yorkshire. I am also keen to work in London. The problem is the expenses, and if I begin to travel a lot, when and where will I feel settled? I would have to become a snail and carry my home on my back!
It's a scary but exciting thought all at the same time. The fact that I am now ready to travel is a major leap from where I was this time last year, barely being able to crawl out of bed. I think I need to take more time to savour that acheivement.

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