Instants! (previews!)

On Tuesday, I had space booked in the studio for a shoot with the lovely Felicity Allman and MUA Millie Rose. I haven't indulged much in the Uni's studio space, so it was high time to squeeze some practise in! I loved working with them both so much. It's great when the whole team is passionate about the concept, because you all pull out the stops you can to make it amazing. So yes this photograph on the left is a preview of what is to come! I hope you like them as much as I do!

As well as photographing Felicity, I felt a need for a guy to be in my portfolio, as my portfolio has been lacking in the not-so-fairer sex,haha! Luke dowsed me in a paddling pool full of paint the other week,so I don't think he could refuse my request to photograph him. When he walked into the studio, my set was pretty much a desecration of black balloons which I suppose is not the image of organisation one enivsages. He put up with my nonsense and helped me tidy up after, which was very kind (and patient) of him! So thankyou, Luke!

I have another shoot on Sunday, I hope the weather holds out as it's set to be a good one! Fingers crossed!

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