Sunday With Julia

On Sunday 27th Feb, I had a shoot planned with Goldfinches Vintage Fashion ( to you non-locals it's a lovely little vintage clothing shop in the centre of Norwich). Saturday evening, I received a message from the model, saying she was feeling really ill and regretfully had to pull out, to get some much-needed rest. I tried hunting for a stand-in, but it was very late in the evening, and so Julia, who owns the business, said 'Why don't we just model ourselves, have a little test shoot and just go for it?' & that is exactly what we did!

I am very thankful that we didn't cancel entirely. I woke up on Sunday morning to some glorious sunshine and blue skies, the sunniest day in forever! Julia picked me up at 10.30, where I met an explosion of stock in the back of her car. She had really gone to town on making sure we had a variety of clothes to choose from!

On the way to the location that I had researched, our Satnav stumbled upon a village with a flea market, and we couldn't resist going in for a cheeky look! Usually you find alot of junk at car boots, but there were quite a few gems, and I drooled over an array of cameras, teeny tiny tea cups & teapots, purses and the occasional vintage garment here and there. I behaved myself,though and kept my purse tucked away!

At the location, it was the middle of the day and the sun was overhead, and I took a moment to assess what the conditions would be like when we went down the steps. I was right in thinking it would be very bright, with long shadows and one heck of a wind blowing! Julia and I got ready and changed in the car, which was an interesting experience, with people walking past the car wondering what the hell we were applying copious amounts of make-up for! I rarely wear alot of make-up, so I was kind of excited when Julia pulled out all these different products to choose from. I don't think I've ever really played dress-up!

I took photographs of Julia first, and then whacked out my tripod and took some photos of the green dress I was wearing. I found the selfies more challenging with the light conditions, and I didn't have my flashgun (which I am having issues using off-camera), but I got a couple of nice shots that I am pleased with :)

Here are a couple of shots from the day. Julia looks so wonderful in her petticoat and her hair looked amazing, and I was rocking red lipstick with a petrol green dress:

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