Uni times!

Today I modelled for my friend Simon, for his current Uni project. We went to a location I cannot remember the name of, at about 9am. it was chilly, but I got to learn about the new lights Uni have brought in! I have two of my own studio lights, for home use, which I only got recently, but I really need lights like these available for outdoor use. Thankyou NUCA!
Although this was Simon's shoot, I got to enjoy seeing the set-ups and making a few suggestions here and there. I'm a bit nervous about using lights apart from that gigantic star in the sky, and lights that are part of the location as such. I get nervous with lights because I hate the false,synthetic feel they can give to an image, and I think that can ruin it sometimes.I think I'm getting there,though, and feeling a little braver and will soon be using them as often as possible!

Here is a photo Simon took of one of his set-ups:

You can view more photos of Simon's at his Flickr,here!

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