Turn Magazine Spring 2011-Editorial

I was lucky enough be selected to contribute to TURN's Spring issue, and so shot this editorial for the magazine.

It was a pleasure to work with Felicity Allman again, who arrived fresh back from her stay in Australia, as it was too to work with Hair stylist/Make-up Artist Ria Lingwood, and Dave & Joline at Retreat Vintage, who supplied the clothes for the shoot. So, I would just like to thank everyone involved in the production and publication of this shoot for the wonderful job they all did!
Here are some of the photographs that didn't get published:

And some BTS photos!


  1. you did such an amazing job in this, Emily! I really like them all :)

    I have a doubt about magazine editorials: Do they usually give you a brief of the shoot, a theme or something, or do they let you decide it all?

  2. Aw thankyou so much!
    This was my first magazine editorial, so I don't know in general, but for TURN's current issue it was a pretty open theme, to make sure that it fitted with the 'spring' issue :)

  3. That's nice! I was curious because I don't really know how it usually works, so thank you! And I hope you do a lot more of them! :D