Collaboration With Charlotte Rutherford

  Last Saturday, I met up with Charlotte Rutherford for a shoot around where I live, out in the countryside!
Charlotte came over to be my lovely, pink rabbit for my Uni project, which I shot on Fujifilm and additionally took some photographs on my DSLR to keep me happy whilst waiting for the main images to be processed.

 Additionally, I modelled for Charlotte and got to wear a dress that Brooke Shaden used in a number of her photographs. I squee'd at the site of it, as Charlotte pulled it out of her massive bag of lovely outfits,props and cameras galore. I really do need to collect outfits and props for tests with models, and try and find some room somewhere to keep them neatly stored!
 The Commonland was peaceful, as usual, and we decided to venture a little further than where I usually go, and ended up near the golf course, which is separated from the commonland by the river. It was a really gorgeous area, and I cannot believe I've not noticed it for so long! We did our shoot along the river, amongst the reeds, bushes and fallen trees. I brought some smoke bombs with me, where on many an occasion, I burnt myself trying to light them. Each smoke bomb took us about 6 matches to light, and so we were leaving a trail of matches behind us as we moved on!

 I found it so peaceful and such a liberating shoot, where I could natter camera-talk and not be boring anyone in the process! It was so refreshing. I really hope to collaborate with Photographers a little more often, I know I have a couple waiting to hear back from me, so I must keep up with my messages!

 Anyway here are a few images from the shoot. I am really pleased with them, so fingers crossed the Film ones looks equally as pleasing!

And here is an outtake of Charlotte that I think looks so adorable:

You can view Charlotte's Stream here, which includes this photo of me:

I highly recommend that you follow her work, 'tis amazing! It was such a pleasure to work with her.
Until next time :)

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